Associate Lawyer

Agnès Laget

Associate Lawyer – Paris Office
Born 1967
Languages ​​fluently spoken: French, German, English
Higher education:
Master’s degree in French and German Law (Paris I University – University of Cologne, Germany)
Post-graduate degree in Business Law, Paris II University
Degree in Comparative Law, Paris II University
Master of Laws (LLM), University of Cologne
Main areas of expertise:
Legal consulting and litigation in:
Business law,
Commercial and retail law,
Competition law,
Corporate law
Private international law:
-International Conventions (European regulations replacing the Brussels Convention, Rome Convention, Vienna Convention, etc.).
Litigation for Product Liability (hidden defects, health & safety defects, non-compliance).
Lecturer at the Cergy -Pontoise University (German commercial law, competition and cartels law)
Member of “AJFA” – Association of French and German lawyers
Member of the French-German Chamber of Commerce
Member of the Austrian Trade Commission, Paris

Eric Belzic

Associate Lawyer – Nice Office
Born 1958
Languages spoken​​ fluently: French , English, German.
Higher education:
Alumnus of the ‘Ecole Nationale des Impôts’ (France’s National School for Tax Inspectors)
Bachelor’s degree in Economics (University of Rennes)
Post-graduate degree in Business Law (Paris II University)
Main areas of expertise:
International taxation,
– issues related to domicile or tax residence of individuals
– issues of territoriality of corporation tax for legal entities.
– advice to foreign companies on taxation issues related to real-estate owned in France.
– tax litigation and tax evasion issues,
Operates before administrative courts and before ordinary courts.
As a civil servant belonging to the Tax Administration for the greater Paris area – Audits of companies in the press, literary, musical and cinematographic publishing sectors, application of international tax treaties between France and foreign countries.
Head of the ZGS Nice Tax Department.

Laurent Poumarède

Associate Lawyer – Nice Office
Born 1977
Languages ​​fluently spoken: French , English
Higher education:
1st year PhD – CREDECO Laboratory (Centre for Research in Economic Law)
Post-graduate School: Markets and organizations – law – economics – management
Passed the entrance examination to CFBSE (Preparatory school for the bar exam)
Graduate degree in Business Economic Law (University of Nice Sophia -Antipolis)
Graduate degree in Business Law (University of Nice Sophia -Antipolis)
Associate lawyer (SELARL ABM)
Delegate representing young lawyers with the ‘Conseil de l’Ordre’
Internships: Law practice Lazare-Ananie-Charrières, law practice Bernard Bensa, Merrill Lynch (New York)
Member of the investment club “Ritz Club”

Sina Hazeghi

Associate Lawyer – Paris Office
Born 1985
Languages ​​fluently spoken: French, Farsi , English
Higher education:
Domestic and international litigation (Paris V University)
General Private Law (Paris II University)
Business Law (Paris II University)
Main areas of expertise:
Labor/Employment Law:
Consulting & Litigation in labor matters for employees, employers and works councils:
. Changes to employment contracts (working hours, compensation)
. Hiring non-EU staff
. Criminal labor law: Insider obstruction ( CHSCT , DP, CE) , concealed work
. Harassment
. Disciplinary dismissal for misconduct / theft / dishonesty / welfare fraud – dismissal of protected employee
. Collective layoffs on economic grounds
. Requalification of fixed term contracts
. Social Security Law: Work-related accidents / inexcusable responsibility of the employer / disability
. Non-conventional breach of contract: acknowledgement / legal termination
. Collective bargaining agreements ( Industries : Consultancies – Metallurgy – Chemical Industries – Banking – Journalism – Medical practices – Textile – Telecommunications – Audiovisual Production – Security)
Consulting & Litigation in the areas of Insurance Law & Real Estate Law
. Providing support to the drafting of damage claims, negotiating indemnification
Real Estate Law:
. Drafting of leases, status & tax regimes of land revenue, property acquisition & management