Labor Law

ZGS assists and represents clients in connection with labor law litigation, whether for plaintiffs or defendants, in civil, criminal or labor courts, for individual or collective disputes.

ZGS also assists public entities and public sector enterprises on matters pertaining to private labor law.

The ZGS practice has the privilege of assisting employers, employees and works councils as well. This gives us a plurality and flexibility which are particularly effective, especially in the context of negotiations (trade union, employees employers). The firm notably assists foreign companies with no prior presence in France in a field which is highly technical and bureaucratic.

Due Diligence reports, drafting employment contracts, individual and collective lay-offs with implementation of PSE (Employment Safeguard Plan), corporate agreements, assistance to works councils of international corporations, negotiating breach of employment contracts both for employers and employees.

Litigation :
Legal termination of the contract when the employer is at fault, challenging the variable compensation clause, restrictive practices against works councils, contesting wrongful termination, protecting the employer including in matters related to lay-offs.