Maritime Law | Customs Law

Maritime Law

ZGS advises and assists its French and foreign customers in the drafting of agreements related to the purchase or sale of merchant ships and pleasure boats. This activity also includes funding operations and registration issues.

We also assist our clients in planning the optimal tax structure for the purchase.


Customs Law

ZGS is involved in pre-litigation and litigation in connection with customs violations and offenses. Upstream, it informs its clients about the customs legislation applicable, in terms of imports to France as well as VAT and potential foreign exchange regulations; customs law is also applicable in the field of transportation of artwork aged 100 years or more to and from abroad ( including pictorial art , musical instruments , and antiques) .

In the field of pre-litigation and litigation, ZGS assists and represents its clients in connection with customs checks and negotiations and in the event of problems, handles appeals to the Commission of Customs Conciliation and carries out their defense before French courts.