Eric Belzic

Associate Lawyer – Nice Office
Born 1958
Languages spoken​​ fluently: French , English, German.
Higher education:
Alumnus of the ‘Ecole Nationale des Impôts’ (France’s National School for Tax Inspectors)
Bachelor’s degree in Economics (University of Rennes)
Post-graduate degree in Business Law (Paris II University)
Main areas of expertise:
International taxation,
– issues related to domicile or tax residence of individuals
– issues of territoriality of corporation tax for legal entities.
– advice to foreign companies on taxation issues related to real-estate owned in France.
– tax litigation and tax evasion issues,
Operates before administrative courts and before ordinary courts.
As a civil servant belonging to the Tax Administration for the greater Paris area – Audits of companies in the press, literary, musical and cinematographic publishing sectors, application of international tax treaties between France and foreign countries.
Head of the ZGS Nice Tax Department.