Real Estate Law

This body of law includes the regulations governing the relationship between:
Buyers and sellers of commercial and private real estates,
Developers, contractors and architects, surveyors,
Landlords and tenants,
Property agents and joint owners associations.

In these respects, ZGS assists clients (companies and individuals) in the negotiation and drafting of contracts relating to the purchase and sale of real estate in France. In this capacity, we advise and implement the most suitable legal structure that meets our clients’ needs, specifically with respect to their tax residence, thereby taking into account French and foreign tax impacts that may accrue.

ZGS also assists clients in buying a residence in Monaco and Germany.


Alongside with our consulting activities and drafting private deeds, we can also defend you in case of dispute:
As part of a real estate transaction (hidden defect affecting your property)
In your relationship with your tenant (unpaid rent, damages, lease termination by either party)
In your relationship with your property agent (non- compliance with co-owners’ rights, irregularity of a general meeting, illegitimate co-ownership costs, defectiveness of joint ownership’s works)
In your dealings with your home insurance (major water damage).