The Practice’s philosophy

Open to Europe and the World

Convinced of the need to open up to a world in a permanent state of evolution and of a growing interdependence between countries, both economically and culturally, ZGS is intent on supporting this development by being open to Europe and the world.
Law partners and associates of the practice are trained in France. However, they have all received further training abroad, especially in Germany, the United Kingdom and Iran.
The international profile of ZGS is further evidenced by its office in New York, as well as correspondents in most countries notably via the CONSULEGIS network

Human Values count for us

ZGS offers its clients tailor-made services and values the human touch.
The Practice’s clients are supported in their projects by a lawyer capable of communicating in their own language, while offering expertise in the legal field submitted to him/her.
We also believe it is important that each client enjoy a privileged contact with one lawyer, as client-to-lawyer relationships must be steeped in mutual trust, from person to person.
As a result, many large and medium firms come to us with the assurance that they will enjoy the same personal contact over time and the related qualities of attention and responsiveness.
Our staff, after completing their required training period, enjoys considerable autonomy and full involvement, not only in the handling of the firm’s cases, but also in the running of the practice itself.
Based on our experience, we know that efficiency comes with dialogue, teamwork and therefore harmony.