Leila (Liliane) Saber


Partner – Paris Office
Born December 30, 1965
Member of the Paris Bar since November 1991
Languages: fluently spoken: French, English, Farsi
Higher education:
Graduate degree in Private Law (Nice Faculty of Law)
Main areas of expertise:
Labor Law

Consulting activity : Due diligence , labor contracts , individual and collective layoffs with implementation of ‘PSE’ (redundancy plans), corporate bargaining agreements , assistance to multinational corporations’ works councils, negotiation of terminations of employment for both employees and employers.
Litigation: Court-ordered termination of employment contract against the employer, contesting variable compensation clauses, restrictive practices against works councils, layoff disputes, assistance to employers with respect to terminations.
Business Law and Litigation
Business Criminal Law
Banking Law
Corporate Law
International Contract Law (mainly French Iranian business relations)
Negotiating and drafting of international contracts
Attorney with the Law PracticeWGZ Nice, Paris 1992-2010
Founder of the international law firm ZGS Avocats, Paris, Nice, Lyon, New York since 2011
Partner office in Teheran/Iran
President, SAFIR (Franco- Iranian Lawyers’ Association)
President, Consulegis